WhatsAPP did a poopoo after reporting a security flaw related to SD CARDS access

Protected: Aftermath of taking 3 cleansemore pills night before.

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Jalapeno and Mushroom Pizza with extra jalapenos

Makes you poo later in the day. Eatin it around 1130am. PooPoo around 7pm

Mr. Wonderful says Poo Poo happens

Poo Poo is going to happen

Poo Poo in a running marathon

New Diapers that hold a lot of Poo Poo

Send your recomendations.

Everyone goes poo poo

Why sometimes a UDRP decision can smell like Poo Poo?

Did you understand that a UDRP decision is at the mercy of the Arbiter/Panelist(s). Imagine if they didn’t go Poo Poo that day, and they are constipated, does that mean that your decision may be constipated too, possibly, or is there NO RELATION whatsoever?

Who really knows, especially when everyone is trying to prove their capability, so they can SHINE. They just might make a decision based on how much SHINING they are doing that particular week, or day. Think about it. Everyone is after the same shit, or Poo Poo, if you will.

Cyber Squatters go poo poo and poopoo everyday.

Don’t think just because you are or aren’t a Cyber Squatter, doesn’t mean that you are exempt from being accused of going poopoo daily. Some times, you can go poo poo every other day, but generally, atleast 2-3 times daily is the general demand for Squatting on the Toilet.  Cyber Squatters Squat on toilets while they are registering intellectual properties.  If you imagine someone that’s in the bathroom and they are holding their iPhone or iPod Smart devices, they are definitely Cyber Squatting while on the toilet.  That’s why it’s being deemed as being okay for doing this.  Although Cyber squatters were accused on doing intellectual property while on the toilet, they are not classified as bad as they used to be.  The UDRP system which handles Toilet users is for the Uniform Dump Resolution Poo.

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