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$650,000 in sales is poopoo, poo poo, pee pee poopoo.

story regarding “eat da poo poo” is a reaction video

That’s a whole lot of poo poo

Poo Poo Prank

Bill Cosby Poo Poo you tube

Good Job Barry Baby

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The “Big Elephant In The Room”

Everyone knows there’s a BIG PROBLEM, but no one wants to talk about it.

Well, poo poo is a big deal, and when it happens, all hell goes loose. If you start a business, and you do something wrong, you poo poo. Sometimes you want to poo poo but you cannot, so you need a solution for that problem.

It’s all about having a balance, and without a balance, again, it’s a problem needing a solution. So why not think about strategies how to discuss matters that, well, normally don’t like to be discussed…?

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